Lanee is a true leader…

I am currently a detective and have worked in law enforcement in Lincoln County for 22 years. I deeply care about the people who live here and have always strived to do the right thing for our community. Now, I am asking you to do the right thing by voting for Lanee Danforth for District Attorney.

I have worked with both Mr. Cable (9 years) and Lanee (2+ years) in their roles as Deputy District Attorneys.  I can tell you without hesitation that Lanee will make the better District Attorney. She is wise beyond her years, passionate, knowledgeable, and most importantly, she cares. 

I have seen Lanee in trial.  I have seen Lanee lead the elder abuse team.  I have seen Lanee review search warrants at 3am.  I have seen Lanee respond to a homicide scene and stay awake for two days to ensure law enforcement was supported.  I have seen Lanee act with compassion when a crime victim was upset.  I have seen Lanee diffuse situations when someone is angry. I have seen Lanee tackle difficult conversations with maturity.

Lanee has a personality that draws people in and makes them want to be better.  In our field of work, it’s easy to become jaded.  Lanee breaks that mold.  She is energetic, knowledgeable, full of ideas and is an inspiration to those around her.  Lanee’s work ethic and passion are contagious.  She pushes everyone to perform at their best and provides the training and tools to make that happen.  That is what a true leader does and that is why we need Lanee to be our District Attorney. Please join me in voting for Lanee.

Abigail Dorsey

Lanee is an honest, reliable prosecutor...

I have known Lanee Danforth since she started at the Coos County District Attorney’s Office back in 2016. I worked side-by-side with her on cases and watched her grow tremendously as a prosecutor. When she ultimately left, her departure left a monumental gap in that office. She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She came into the office with an infectious attitude focused on helping victims and securing justice. In every interaction I had with her, Lanee showed integrity, humility, and reliability. I have not had the pleasure of working with her for a few years now, but her attitude and personal qualities are not things that can be “taught” or “molded”, nor do they come with “experience” or “age”.

Over the years working as an attorney and prosecutor, I have seen numerous attorneys, some with years of experience, place an emphasis on the most expedient way to resolving cases, even skirting the rules to get things done. Lanee Danforth is not that kind of attorney, and that alone is significant. Merely charging and convicting people is not the purpose of a district attorney. The purpose of a district attorney is to seek justice, hold offenders accountable, and to do what is right on a daily basis. It is not a position, nor is it a job, that one can slip into or out of. It is a lifestyle that is intrinsic to some, and definitely not to all. It means being a leader, a beacon for those adversely impacted by the wrongdoing of another. It means working with law enforcement, defense attorneys, and community partners to obtain the right result every time. I have seen Lanee Danforth, time and again, embody that kind of lifestyle and commitment in her everyday actions with victims, police, judges, medical personnel, social workers, and attorneys.

Lanee Danforth has shown that she is an honest, reliable prosecutor that focuses on the right result, as opposed to the quick result. She has shown dedication to the principles of a district attorney in her pursuit of justice. Those principles are a part of her, cannot be taught, and are far more valuable that having a lower number on a bar license. I have seen Lanee Danforth in action and I have no doubt that she is the most qualified person to be Lincoln County’s District Attorney.

Ryan Rodighiero

Age is just a number, experience is not always measured in years...

I have known Lanee Danforth for six years and I know that she would make an excellent District Attorney for Lincoln County. I have had the privilege and opportunity to not only work alongside Lanee, but to watch her grow in experience, ability and passion as a Deputy District Attorney both in Lincoln and Coos County. In my years of working with Lanee, I have always been impressed with her knowledge of the law. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an expertise that is unparalleled to most attorneys with her years of experience. It would be easy to attack Lanee’s age, however, Lanee has proven time and time again that age is just a number and experience is not always measured in years. Lanee has dedicated countless hours to not only protecting the innocent and prosecuting the guilty, but to going above and beyond to educate, represent and protect her community.

She has always been a natural born leader and has consistently stepped up to any challenge without hesitation. I have watched as she has acted with integrity and fairness when making decisions in both her professional and personal life. Lanee has always demonstrated a high level of truthfulness, proficiency and a strong commitment to seeking justice. She is honest, reliable and dedicated to serving the public through rigorous prosecution. Lanee has proven her skill, proficiency and capability as your Lincoln County Deputy District Attorney by regularly going to trial on violent felony cases and obtaining guilty verdicts for the vulnerable victims and this community. I have no doubt that Lanee Danforth is the person best qualified to be Lincoln County’s next District Attorney.

Jenna Wallace

Lanee has the majority support of Deputy District Attorneys in the Office...

Lanee is a natural leader.  From the day she joined our office she has demonstrated strong leadership skills and has earned the trust and respect of her fellow prosecutors, staff and law enforcement.  That is why the majority of Deputy District Attorneys in the office have chosen to endorse Lanee.

We have seen her in action.  She is wicked smart and learns new information in a heartbeat.  She has a work ethic to match.  Lanee is a problem solver.  We have terrible inefficiency problems in our office.  Lanee has fresh ideas that will greatly improve that and make sure we are better stewards of your tax dollars.  Law enforcement regularly asks to have their most difficult cases assigned to Lanee, because they trust her.

Neither candidate has experience as a District Attorney, but Lanee has more than enough experience to lead our office (Mr. Cable took office in February).  It is hard to speak out against your current boss, but the majority of Deputy DAs have endorsed Lanee because she is by far the best person for this job.  We know Lanee better than anyone, and we have complete confidence in her ability to be a GREAT District Attorney.

Kylie Andrisa

We need someone like Lanee, who truly cares and will walk the walk...

I am so thankful to have the support and endorsement of Ashley Cushing. She is a dedicated victim advocate who has supported victims in court during trial and has been there to see my interactions with victims before and after court. I couldn’t do my job if it weren’t for people like Ashley.

“I am writing this letter to explain why Ms. Lanee Danforth has my vote. I am an advocate that works with mutual clients of Ms. Danforth. I have not only witnessed Ms. Danforth in action, I have supported clients before and after court and personally have witnessed what a positive impact Ms. Danforth has on every single person we have both supported.
My clients feel Validated , properly prepared and cared about.

In my opinion Lanee is a genuinely kind , intelligent person. We need someone like Lanee , who truly cares and will walk the walk! I keep hearing discriminatory things about Lanee , the biggest line being her age. Anyone that has witnessed Ms. Danforth in court would know that she is wise beyond her years. I also hear a lot of talk about her opponent having more experience. While he may be older and been an attorney longer, Lanee has the experience that matters most. Lanee has incredible work ethic.

I have heard many survivors speak so highly of Ms. Danforth and I can honestly say I've never heard one word about the opponent by a survivor in the two years I've been in this line of work. In order for me to support survivors to the best of my ability it is crucial for me to vote for Ms. Lanee Danforth, and I urge you to do so as well.”

Ashley Cushing

Lanee is the best choice for District Attorney

As a deputy district attorney (DDA) in the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office, I have been following the District Attorney campaigns closely.   What we have heard over and over from Mr. Cable’s supporters is that Lanee Danforth is a brilliant attorney, but, gosh darn it, she’s just not ready to lead.  I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.  Not only is Lanee ready to lead; she already has shown herself to be a leader.

A bit about me:  I have been an attorney since 1991—longer than anyone else in the office.  I practiced civil law in California for over 8 years, and was a founding member of a successful private law firm.  I also spent 15 years working as a forensic scientist both in California and Oregon, testifying as an expert witness in hundreds of trials.  I’ve been at the DA’s office in Lincoln County for over 4 years now, and have been recognized on a statewide level for my work in the prosecution of impaired driving.  To sum up: I’ve worked in a lot of different settings, and I’ve interacted with a lot of different attorneys.  I have both testified as a witness for Mr. Cable and tried cases against him.  I have co-chaired two felony trials with Lanee and have watched her in trial many times.  I will add my name to the long list of people who attest that Lanee Danforth is a brilliant, talented, and capable attorney.  She is also a strong leader.

Our office has been in a state of relative crisis since our previous district attorney resigned last September.  We were further rocked by the resignation of our Chief Deputy, a DDA, and the retirement of a senior legal assistant.   We were busy and understaffed, and I’m sure many of you can appreciate the stress caused by crushing caseloads and uncertainty about the future.

To me, the mark of a true leader is how a person leads when they’re not in charge.  During this difficult time, Lanee demonstrated that she is a true leader.  She led by example, demonstrating a work ethic that is unmatched.  She trained our newer DDAs.  She developed policies to help our office comply with new laws, and she trained law enforcement.  She was active in the community, serving and building partnerships.  Lanee’s calmness and poise in this storm showed an incredible amount of maturity, and she was also the person staff members would go to for comfort and assurance when they were overwhelmed and stressed.  This is true leadership.

If you look into Lanee’s background, you will find that she has excelled at every challenge she has taken on, and I know the role of District Attorney will be no different.  Having been a college athlete and the leader of several specialty teams within the DA’s office, she has experience leading and motivating teams. 

And as far as the administrative and political aspects of being DA?  She has a far more extensive management background than her opponent.  She has managed a retail business and opened two franchises: hiring and firing employees, managing facilities, and dealing with budgeting and regulatory compliance.  She also brings a unique perspective and professional network, having worked at several different DA offices both as a victim’s advocate and as a trial attorney.

A wise person once defined “justice” for me as “the right outcome for the case.”  A District Attorney has broad powers checked only by their character and by the voters every four years.  It is important that the person wielding that power has good judgment.  The “right” outcome balances the goals set forth in the Oregon Constitution: protection of society, personal responsibility, accountability for one's actions and reformation.  Lanee has demonstrated excellent judgment in the administration of justice.  She is tough on offenders who place the public at risk, and shows compassion toward those who demonstrate accountability and the desire to reform, always considering the rights of crime victims.  She is respectful to all participants in the process. This good judgment is not necessarily something that is learned.  It comes from her character and her deep commitment to doing the right thing.

Lanee has also navigated this strange new world of political campaigning with maturity and grace.  I am especially impressed with the way she has steadfastly remained positive in spite of attacks.  I will follow her lead and simply close with this:  Lanee is the best choice for Lincoln County District Attorney. 

Lynn Howard, Deputy District Attorney

Lanee has a natural ability to lead...

Dear Lincoln County Residents and Voters,

For nearly the last four years, I’ve had the unique perspective of observing most attorneys in Lincoln County and many others from larger firms across the state. I can unequivocally say that few, if any, have impressed me as much as Lanee Danforth. I’ve watched her build up victims while they’ve realized their worth and strength, ultimately thanking her for saving their lives.

Her judgement is fair; knowing when to offer second chances and rehabilitation for those whose paths have gone off track and when to prosecute toughly in order to protect victims and our community as a whole. She strongly supports treatment courts first, but won’t back down when someone has exhausted all resources and opportunities for reformation. She is the strong and compassionate leader Lincoln County needs and deserves.

There has, however, been much speculation about her being younger than her opponent; that she doesn’t have sufficient leadership skills and experience for the job. Please know, this is wildly incorrect. I have personally been told by more than one deputy district attorney in the Lincoln County DA’s office (that have a decade or more experience than Lanee), that they have asked her for help when preparing motion hearings, charging cases, and trial preparation. She has a natural ability to lead and never shies away from opportunities to help others do their best too.

Lanee has consistently stepped up to serve our community during very rough transitions in the Lincoln County DA’s office and I am extremely confident in her knowledge, leadership abilities and determination. Please join me in supporting Lanee Danforth and vote for her in the upcoming May election for Lincoln County District Attorney.

Thank you,

Ellen Everitt

Lanee supports treatment courts...

No one sets out to become a drug addict, myself included.

Lanee Danforth, who is running for District Attorney is my sister.  Lanee did not ask me to write this letter, nor is she aware I am writing it.  She would say, you don’t have to do that.  I know I don’t have to, it’s something I want to do.

I had a great childhood, church on Sundays, sports, 4-H, and family dinners.  Then, one impulsive decision later, I was on my way to addiction.  As I began to spiral into my addiction Lanee told my parents they needed to go to the police.  She said I was going to end up dead, and that I needed to be accountable for my actions and the crimes I was committing.

My parents did go to the police.  I was arrested and spent 45 days in jail.  Once the drugs were out of my system, I realized what a mess my life was.  The prosecutor (not the county Lanee worked in) offered drug treatment court as an alternative to incarceration.  I knew I wanted to change, I just didn’t know how.  Lanee encouraged me that, if I did everything the court mandated, and if I was really ready to change, I would change.

Change I did.  After 20 months of weekly appointments including drug treatment, court appearances, probation visits, mental health groups, and home visits, I am proud to say I graduated from drug court.  I entered the program lonely, broken and ashamed.  I graduated a thankful, confident, healthy man with a tool box full of skills.

Our children look up to their Aunt Lanee.  They proudly tell their friends, “she keeps people safe,” “she helps people,” and finally, “sometimes she has to put people in jail to protect everyone.”  When they are old enough, they will learn about Aunt Lanee and the way her counsel and encouragement helped save their dad’s life.

Addiction usually goes hand in hand with crime.  I committed crimes to fuel my addiction.  I think it’s important to have a District Attorney who understands the addicted, and is supportive of treatment courts and the positive changes they provide.  Lanee knows first-hand the struggles of a family dealing with addiction.  Lanee supports treatment courts, and is not afraid to hold anyone accountable…including a family member. 

Remember, vote for Lanee, for District Attorney! 

Jordan Danforth

Lanee knows the law better than anyone...

I have worked in criminal prosecution for over 25 years.  I was the Chief Deputy District Attorney in the Lincoln County DA’s Office for seven years and resigned in December 2019.  I was Lanee’s direct supervisor in the office and I can tell you that she has what it takes to be a great district attorney for Lincoln County. 

District attorneys arguably have more power and discretion than any other elected official.  The district attorney does not answer to anyone, except the voters every 4 years.  That is why it is imperative that Lincoln County elect a district attorney who has sound judgment and will always do the right thing for the right reasons to keep the community safe.  Lanee Danforth is that person.

The DA is responsible for applying the law equally to everyone (rich or poor, influential or not).  Applying the law equally to everyone requires the DA to know and understand the law as it is written and interpreted by the courts.  Lanee knows the law better than anyone.  She was consistently the “go to” person in the office when anyone (DDAs and law enforcement) had questions.  Lanee knew things about the law that DDAs and defense attorneys with decades of experience didn’t know.  Rather than patronize anyone, Lanee always educated and trained colleagues with patience and humility.  I have even observed Lanee, on more than one occasion, educate judges regarding nuances in the law.

Not only does Lanee know the law but she applies it equally to everyone she prosecutes. Lanee has good judgment and resolves her cases in ways that are firm but fair.  She has a hard work ethic and it was not uncommon for her to be at the office after hours and on weekends.  In fact, sometimes it was hard to get Lanee to go home! Lanee cares deeply about the work she does and I have no doubt that she will be a great leader for the DA’s Office and for Lincoln County. 

JW Hupp

Lanee soothed our fears….

We didn’t set out to meet Lanee Danforth – or anyone at the DA’s office for that matter.  But as it happened, we were given the opportunity to have a young lady come live in our house.  Shortly after this, a subpoena showed up at our door, and she was being required to testify in a trial.  This piece of paper became like a black cloud over this young woman and the date was looming in the distance, causing stress and anxiety to build every day.  As the trial got closer, we called the DA’s office to figure out how to help her and they set up a meeting with the victim’s assistance office and the attorney assigned to the case. 

This meeting was the best thing that could have happened to relieve the stress and anxiety which was beginning to control every minute of this girl’s days.  As the meeting began, Lanee started speaking and immediately her tone of voice and calm demeaner soothed all of our fears.  She assured us that the outcome of the trial was based solely upon the competence of her as the prosecuting attorney and is not the responsibility of the victim.  She placed such a huge emphasis upon the fact that it is of utmost importance to simply tell the truth and leave the rest up to her.  We appreciated the value she placed upon the truth over anything else.

During this meeting, she gave the young lady a gummy bear and had her squish it between her fingers, then let go to watch the bear come back to its original shape.  Lanee explained that sometimes it feels like we are being squished by pressures or stresses in life.  But just as being squeezed did not permanently damage the bear, we too can be resilient and bounce back.  Life can really make us feel like we are not ourselves and cause too much stress, but there is hope that when it is over, we will regain ourselves and will have learned life lessons along the way. 

The day of the trial came and there were many stressful moments, mostly caused by the defense attorney and the judicial process.  However, through it all, Lanee retained her calm, controlled demeaner and was the rock which our young lady needed.  The outcome of the trial was of lesser importance than the attitudes and actions which were displayed and modeled for a young, vulnerable girl who now has Lanee as a role model to look up to.  She certainly has our vote for District Attorney.


Lance & Kelli Simonds

Age is just a number… Lanee is the best person for DA

I have known Lanee Danforth for six years and I know that she would make an excellent District Attorney for Lincoln County. I have had the privilege and opportunity to not only work alongside Lanee, but to watch her grow in experience, ability and passion as a Deputy District Attorney both in Lincoln and Coos County. In my years of working with Lanee, I have always been impressed with her knowledge of the law. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an expertise that is unparalleled to most attorneys
with her years of experience. It would be easy to attack Lanee’s age, however, Lanee has proven time and time again that age is just a number and experience is not always measured in years.

Lanee has dedicated countless hours to not only protecting the innocent and prosecuting the guilty, but to going above and beyond to educate, represent and protect her community. She has always been a natural born leader and has consistently stepped up to any challenge without hesitation. I have watched as she has acted with integrity and fairness when making decisions in both her professional and personal life. Lanee has always demonstrated a high level of truthfulness, proficiency and a strong commitment to seeking justice. She is honest, reliable and dedicated to serving
the public through rigorous prosecution. Lanee has proven her skill, proficiency and capability as your Lincoln County Deputy District Attorney by regularly going to trial on violent felony cases and obtaining guilty verdicts for the vulnerable victims and this community. I have no doubt that Lanee Danforth is the person best qualified to be Lincoln County’s next District Attorney.

Jenna Wallace

Put Lanee in the game...

I have lived in Lincoln County for several years, and last year I finally served on jury duty.  In and out of the courthouse several times,  I had the opportunity to watch lawyers both from the defense community and from the district attorneys’ office.  Lanee Danforth was by far the most impressive.

Although I ultimately wasn’t selected to sit on a jury, I went back just to watch Lanee’s argument in a very serious case.  Her poise, confidence, thoroughness, and command of the law were simply remarkable.  Lanee has my vote for district attorney because I would love to see her in a position of leadership where she could hire and train other prosecutors to perform at her level.  

When I think of the qualities I would like to see in a district attorney, I think of someone who is an effective communicator, is professional, and who is committed to enforcing the law and keeping the community safe. That is Lanee.  It is frustrating to me that the governor appointed Mr. Cable as our new district attorney -- someone who has spent the last several years of his career as a defense attorney, working to keep criminals out of jail.   Yes, he worked for the DA’s office before.  Why did he leave? Is it that easy to change sides?

His biggest criticism of Lanee seems to be her age.  Do we all need to be reminded that Judge Charles Littlehales became the Lincoln County District Attorney when he was 28 years old? He went on to have a four-decade-long distinguished career as a DA and judge, and was well-regarded by the legal community.  I hope no one is suggesting the rules should be different for Lanee because she is a woman. 

If I have learned anything in life, it is that doing something longer doesn’t necessarily make someone better.   You don’t sit Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or LeBron James on the bench because they are young.  You recognize and reward skill, talent and passion.   Put Lanee in the game.  Vote for her in the May election.

David Howard

Lanee never takes the easy way out...

I have worked in law enforcement in our county for over thirty years and I am supporting Lanee Danforth for District Attorney.  Lanee has earned not only my respect, but the respect of law enforcement, community partners and colleagues.  She has the intelligence, worth ethic, passion, leadership skills, and integrity necessary to make an excellent District Attorney.

Lanee has an extremely hard work ethic and dedication to everything she does.  Lanee does not shy away from difficult cases but tackles them head on and works tirelessly to make sure that justice is served.  Lanee never takes the easy way out. 

Lanee has high, but reasonable, expectations of everyone around her, including law enforcement.  Lanee leads by example and gives everything she does her best.  People around her follow suit.  That is the mark of a true leader.

Something I appreciate most about Lanee is her open line of communication.   I know that I can call Lanee any time, day or night, and she will be there to help. Lanee frequently consults with law enforcement and crime victims on cases to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.  She goes above and beyond to make the right decision, every time.

Lanee is the best choice for District Attorney.  She is in this for the right reasons.  This isn’t about her ego.  Lanee is someone who truly cares about this community and about crime victims.  I know she will work hard as our District Attorney, will never take the easy way out and will always be available to communicate with everyone in our community.  She will lead the office with confidence, humility, professionalism and integrity. Please join me in voting for Lanee for DA.

Bud Lane

Lanee acts with integrity and fairness...

Having recently had the honor of serving on a jury in a case prosecuted by Lanee Danforth, I'm pleased to give her my support for Lincoln County District Attorney. Throughout the multi-week trial, she was professional, prepared, credible and fact-based, but what most impressed me was the compassion, empathy and fierce advocacy that shone through in her presentation of a difficult and emotional case.

Ms. Danforth's competence in the courtroom, her knowledge of the law and her principled conviction that the pursuit of justice encompasses notions of education, mental healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation, along with incarceration when necessary, assures me that she will pursue the duties of District Attorney with fairness and integrity for both victim and offender.

I love the little coastal community in which I live, and the idea of Lanee Danforth leading the office of District Attorney inspires in me a sense of equity, alliance and, above all, safety; Lanee Danforth has my vote.

Lisa Brenner

Nobody works harder on behalf of our community than Lanee...

In response to Mr. Park’s announcement that he is suspending his campaign for Lincoln County District Attorney, I have one question for Mr. Park.  What campaign? Mr. Park has done absolutely nothing that a person actually campaigning for office would do.  It is abundantly clear from Mr. Cable’s campaign materials that he has never viewed Mr. Park as an “opponent.” Mr. Park declined to withdraw his name from the election when he had the opportunity, instead using his announcement of suspending a campaign that never existed as a political stunt.

I have been a deputy district attorney in Lincoln County for 13 years.  I Have been here through multiple DA election cycles.  I was hoping this campaign would not get dirty and tear our office apart, but Mr. Cable and his team are engaging in some of the dirtiest politics I have ever witnessed.  When I read or hear the untrue things that DA Jonathan Cable and his supporters say about Lanee Danforth, I want to respond.  But I will follow Lanee’s lead and take the high road.  What matters is not what people who have an agenda say about Lanee, but who Lanee really is, what leaders who are trusted in this community say about her and who should serve as your district attorney.

Our circuit court judges are not allowed to endorse candidates for DA. But I encourage you to ask court staff, victims, jurors and anyone else that has seen Lanee at work, what they think of Lanee.  Does Lanee act with integrity and professionalism?  Does she know and follow the law?  The answer is yes. 

Lanee has shown tremendous leadership in the DA’s office.  She is a problem solver.  Lanee has many supporters in the DA’s office, but they are reluctant to speak up because they fear retaliation, as do I.  But someone has to have the courage to speak up and tell the truth about why Lanee is running for district attorney.  Lanee is running because she cares deeply about victims, our community, integrity, the law and doing what is right.  You will not find anyone who knows the law better or works harder on behalf of our community.  I invite you to get to know Lanee, and vote for her in May.

Kylie Andrisa

Lanee does the right thing, the right way, every time...

I am thrilled to endorse Lanee Danforth for Lincoln County District Attorney. As a seasoned, 15-year crime victim advocate, I have known Lanee for the past eight years, first as a supervisor in the DA’s Office, and then as a colleague in the pursuit of justice for crime victims.  Lanee has served her community as a victim advocate, law clerk, and senior deputy district attorney. In each of her roles, I have seen Lanee demonstrate exceptional work ethic, dedication, wisdom beyond her years, and a natural leadership.

Lanee has a proven track record of upholding and enforcing the law and protecting community members, be they a small business owner, an elderly person, or a survivor in a domestic violence relationship.

I know Lanee and I can tell you the following things about her:

Lanee does the right thing, the right way, every time.
Lanee works tirelessly with humility, decency, earnestness, and passion.
Lanee is ethical and has integrity
Lanee is a leader who recognizes that strength comes from collaboration and teamwork, while still being willing to be accountable for the hard decisions that come with responsibility.
Lanee works to protect our most vulnerable community members.
Lanee is an adept teacher and trainer, ensuring that colleagues and partners are operating from current research and best practice.   
Lanee does not back down from dangerous offenders or cases that are difficult to prove

It is no surprise that Lanee has the support of people who have been living and working in Lincoln County for over 20 years, including: seasoned detectives, community partners, victim advocates, treatment providers, colleagues and community leaders. Those supporters see Lanee’s daily commitment to serving the Lincoln County community and they want her to lead the DA’s Office forward.  You should too.

Johanna Costa

Lanee is intelligent and trustworthy...

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lanee Danforth for her entire career as a prosecutor.  I was her supervisor when she began her career.  From the beginning, Lanee has shown herself to be an excellent prosecutor.  She is a champion for the most vulnerable in our society, and works to protect survivors of all kinds of abuse.  She has an innate skill and a passion for the job.  If you want your elected district attorney to be fair, intelligent, trustworthy, and a dedicated servant to victims of crime, then please vote for Lanee Danforth.  She is all this and so much more.

Megan Johnson, former Senior DDA Washington County DA’s Office

Lanee cares about people...

I have had the pleasure knowing Lanee Danforth for the past 8 years. When I met Lanee I had worked as a victim advocate in the Washington County DA’s Office for over 10 years.  While still in college at George Fox University, Lanee began volunteering in the office as a victim advocate.  Lanee spent four years in the office; first as a volunteer, then as a victim advocate and finally as a law clerk.  Lanee quickly became a leader in our office.  She trained new interns and motivated the people around her.  Lanee was given the responsibility of supervising interns and volunteers and she did so effectively.  People in our office loved and still love Lanee.  She is an absolute joy to be around.

As a victim advocate, Lanee managed a full caseload including homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse cases. Lanee is compassionate and always treats everyone and respect, no matter who they are. Something Lanee always said was, “On their [victims] worst day, we need to be our best.” That’s exactly what Lanee does.  She is compassionate and genuinely cares for people.

As a law clerk, Lanee conducted several jury trials. I have watched hundreds of jury trials in my career, including several of Lanee’s.  I can honestly say that Lanee tried cases better than some prosecutors who had been in our office for over a decade.

Lanee is smart, well-spoken, and professional. Lanee cares about people and has a way of making everyone around her feel valued and heard.  I have no doubt that she will make an amazing District Attorney for Lincoln County.

Estela Guillen

Lanee helped me rediscover my worth...

 My experience as a crime survivor in Lincoln County was different than the support I received from my own county (Multnomah County). Despite her heavy caseload, Lanee would always take the time check in with me and address my concerns; she had a way of making me feel like I was priority. Throughout this entire case, Lanee demonstrated unwavering dedication and compassion. When I would fall in the traps of doubt, she would assure me that I was making the right decision and fighting a meaningful fight. Lanee uplifted my voice, and helped me rediscover my worth.

Lanee demonstrates a strong sense of dedication and commitment to victims. She is one that listens to understand. She conducts meaningful engagement with people. She is a powerhouse in court. Lanee is the embodiment of a devoted public servant. She has the character, integrity, and work ethic to represent the residents of Lincoln County.

C.G., Domestic Violence Survivor


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